Initially I hoped that it was all there and, surprisingly , most of it was.

The cables and wiring need replacing, after 20 years or so siting in a leaky shed/garden/under plastic

they were beyond use anyway.

The bike is a 1977 M40? with a fixed pulley, no variator to play with on this lady, and standard 'square' engine.


To get her in the back of the car I had to remove the forks, that was so easy!

Despite years of neglect the main securing bolt and handlebar nuts came off easily,

and the whole kit and caboodle was lifted into the car.

Once back in Yorkshire stock was taken and a few reference photos added to the files.

Just to show where one or two bits go.

 Unlike Mac this lady has the later Motobecane markings which will need replaceing/cleaning or what ever...