Girona 2010

Girona (Gerona?) March 7th to 9th 2010


For our Winter break we flew out to northern Spain hoping (against hope) for some sun.


The Sunday was OK, although arriving late only gave us chance to eat.


On the Monday the area was hit by the first snow in over 20years!

Chaos followed, power lines came down, we got wet (very!), twice!


When it came to eating out in the evening we hit a problem. Most of the bars were closed due to the weather so we ended up in an Irish bar, against all common sense!

We ordered a steak settled down for a quiet meal and then it happened!

Annabelle, her aussie mates and the hoorays from ‘darn sarf’ arrived.

“All we need now is a plague of locust” muttered Val. They arrived in the form of several loud, obnoxious brats.

We ate, complained to the staff and left.

That’ll teach us.


After a nightcap (or two) we returned to a warm room and slept.


Tuesday brought the full horror of the event. Large parts of Catalunya had ground to a halt. Girona was almost deserted, the roads and paths slick with ice. Val started doing Poirot impressions; it was the only way she could walk without sliding everywhere!


The news showed Barcelona had been (and still was in some areas) grid locked, a bit (?) like the UK had been all winter, only in Spain they weren’t ready for it!

It was re-assuring to see that it’s not just the Brits who panic in snow.


By the time we flew out on Wednesday the roads were clear, but still dodgy. The airport was back in full swing having been closed for 2 days and the sun was shining.


Back home the weather had been sunny and warm!!!!!