Rome March 7th-10th 2013


It seemed a good idea, city break in the eternal city…


When the taxi arrived early it didn’t help, still we got to Rome OK, the train fare from the airport to the city was, erm, silly, €14 plus €2 booking fee.




We caught a bus for €10 all in!


The hotel was easy to find and comfortable. Why are beds on the continent so much bigger?!


We were only a 5 min walk from all the sights we needed to see, in effect the furthest we needed to walk was the Vatican and that was only 30 mins away. The weather was indifferent, providing rain and sun, but no snow. The day time temperature was a comfortable 19 deg plus.


Many photos were taken and several pizza shops and bars visited, favourites being a small one where a bottle of nice wine cost  €5, a small bar where nothing seemed to have changed in 40 years and Cucina Nazionale.

The last being a restaurant where we ate well on all three nights.


Final day was a drag, the flight being delayed and the weather at home -1 and snowy.


Will we go to Rome again?


Possibly, if we’re touring in the area…