NSU Hybrid

It's a while since I did anything usefull on this project but today I intend

to change that.

It's OK being able to start the engine, but controlling it is a good idea too.

So with that in mind I tackled the cabled, not a simple job.

A package had arrived earlier in the week with various adjusters that would

be needed so a trip into the hut was called for. First was the clutch and gear

change cables, already sort of in place they got the needed adjusters and

were re-fitted.


A throttle cable was completed and the new-to-me twist grip fitted, that

works well.

A front brake cable was next on the list, again a straight forward job,

although how good the actual brake is is anybody's guess!


Finally  the decompresser got a cable, I'm running out of cable outer so that

may need changing, but at the moment it gives a way of stopping the engine.

Looking at the whole, it seems to be coming together and, despite the lack

of a tank and exhaust it does look promising.

NSU Hybrid-2 

Once satisfied that the cables are the correct lengths I'll trim off the excess.

The eagle eyed out there will have noticed the total lack of any re-painting,

I intend to get the bike sorted and road worthy before I do that,

but a silver spray can did slip into my hand briefly...