NSU Hybrid

A quick look and it seems clear that the Sachs engine will be harder to mount,


but the Tomos is too near the front mudguard as it's sat in the lower frame cut out.


Of course the carburettor is on the Sachs, the Tomos one will need a different

inlet to sit alongside the frame and take a spare Dellorto 15/15...

OK, here goes..

First, cardboard pattern, followed by a plywood one before cutting a pair

of aluminium plates seems the long, but safe way to go.


First attempt and looking good, the head plates are next on the list now the

new head has arrived. 5" ground clearance should be enough.



I know the head stays are rough, I'll cut proper shaped ones when

I do the metal brackets.

An afternoon spent with a jigsaw and some alloy plating

was rewarded with these rough brackets..


A little time spent rounding corners and cleaning them up and they'll look OK.

When the bolts are tightened up the engine is solid in the frame, giving me

encouragement that this project might just work.