The Optios

Pentax Optio I-10

Bought to replace the lost E50 this is a little marvel.

Fitted with a fast 5X zoom and 12 meg sensor it has style looking like a miniture DSLR. The power is from a dedicated lithium battery, I need another as a spare as the battery will last well, but dies very quickly when reaching the 'flat' state. Image stabilisation is provided by sensor shift technology, like in the DSLR bodies that Pentax produce.

In use it can be as comlicated or simple as you choose. The image quality is close to that of a DSLR, only suffereing at higher sensitivity settings. With a 8MB SDHC card installed the camera performs well, there being little or no lag whilst writing. The I10 is alsocapable of 1280 resolution video at a respectable 30 frames per second, meaning that you don't need a seperate camera for those big screen epics.

All in all a nice little camera to use, once you get a feel for it

 Taken on a wet night in York