The Mighty Zenits

Manuals for various models are easy to find on line, but the real things are more interesting.

Despite being model specific, if you have one manual you can use it for nearly all that range.

For example, the Zenit EM manual is also relevant to the B, E and 11 models, only the back latch and knob designs differ.

In a similar way the TTL manual is also relevant for the 12, but not the 12Xp, that has it's own manual which also covers the 11!

Covers on these literary delights vary, although several of the English versions use the same image. Just to confuse matters, and to get even more confusing they can also cover 2 models!

Another thing to look out for are the export agent manuals. For example Zenits were sold by Dixons in the UK as the Prinz SLR, so manuals from these crop up. There are numerous other agent manuals, as well as bodies to look out for if you have the time (and room!) to do so.

Happy collecting!