The Mighty Zenits

Zenit 11

Bought in a bag at a charity shop this body was dead on arrival. The reason I bought it was for the lenses, a Helios M44-2 and a Zeiss 135mm.

Looking like the E, it sports controls on the top that reflect the 12, this was the last(?) model with a light meter over the lens.

I may strip this body down and see if I can get the shutter sorted, it may end up as junk though... a second body has since been found that works.

As with all this companies products you can't help notice the weight, solid and sturdy construction is backed up with an intuitive set of controls.This model also has a proper flash hot shoe, unlike the older models I have.The only weak point in the whole package is the shutter, you just have to remember to wind on before changing speed.

The 11 was also re-badged and sold as the Zenit SLX, why this was done is unclear, probably to use up parts left over or distinguish it as a local (UK) version.