The Mighty Zenits

Zenit 12

An ebay bargain, this camera looks the same as the Zenit 12XP until you look through the view finder.

The metering in this first model is a needle affair straight from the Zenit TTL, . Using a PX-13 mercury battery the needle is simple to use, but not easy to see against dark backgrounds. I need to point out here that these batteries are no longer available (enviromentaly unfriendly etc!) so a suitable replacement such as a LR9 cell has to be used.

In use the camera feels solid, the shutter having a loud 'clunk' as it's released. The image quality, as allways, from the 44M-4 lens is clear and sharp, the horizontal lines being the result of a dirty light seal on the film cartridge used, my mistake not a camera fault.

In all other respects this camera seems to be a re-worked  TTL and is the same in feel as the later 12XP.