The Mighty Zenits

Zenit 12 XP

Bought as an upgrade to the 'E this camera saw plenty of use as my children grew up;

Then I went digital and it sat waiting for use once more.

The lens on this camera, the renowned Helios 44/4, when used with a suitable adapter, is a favorite for digital SLRs, giving clear sharp shots, just as it does on film

In use this camera is an improvement on it's older sibling, having through the lens metering displayed by 2 flashing LEDs in the right of the viewfinder, unlike the 12 the XP seems to meter accurately with a LR-9 or PX 625 battery, the meter is easy to use, once you get the hang of the flashing from top to bottom of the lights.. This makes exposure a lot quicker and more accurate. The heavy body helps keep the camera stable and the M42 screw mount means that there's (still) a good selection of lenses available to play with.