The Mighty Zenits

Zenit 3M

Sporting a 39mm mount, not the standard 42mm mount this camera is the closest I have to the roots of these solid beasts

The controls are the same as the 'B' and 'E', with the back opening in the same way. The earlier 'C' ( or more correctly 'S') model had a removable base as in the original FED/Zorki range finder  models these were based on.

One thing that gets a lot of people with this early model is the mirror. It stays up after the shot, only returning to the viewing position when the film is wound on.

The lens on my camera is an Industar f3.5 50mm unit, the only difference beside the finish from the other lenses I have is the mount. A 39mm mount version of the Helios m44-2 is also available with these bodies.

Feeling very much the same as the later models I look forward to giving this camera an outing.