The Mighty Zenits

Zenit E

My first SLR, and still usable today.

These solid Russian cameras can be got for next to nothing on ebay and in charity shops, don't let that put you off. So long as the camera has been looked after and the shutter is OK they're bullet proof (legend has it they're made from old soviet tanks!)

The Lightmeter above the lens is easy, if a little strange, to use. Once the film and shutter speeds are set it's just a case of matching the needles and taking the settings, adjusting the aperture and taking the shot. Of course if the light changes before you're ready you have to start all over again!

Most of these cameras came with a Helios 44-2 52mm(I think) lens, a much desired lens in the digital community for it's clarity and colour rendition.

The manual is easy to find on line and the M42 lens mount means cheap glass is available.